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Radiator Sofware Oy (formerly Arch Red Oy)
karri . huhtanen (at) radiatorsoftware . com
Tampere, Finland
khuhtanen (at) iki . fi


Tampere University of Technology, Tampere Finland

Work Experience

Managing Director / Chief Technology Officer, Chairman of the Board, Founder,
Radiator Software Oy (formerly Arch Red Oy),
(January 2003 - present)

  • Within over 20 years of the existence of Radiator Software Oy I have worked in multiple roles gathering knowledge and experience not only about technology, but also about leadership, company mergers and acquisitions, sales, marketing, contract law, negotiations, strategy planning, partnering, HR etc. and still continue learning more.
  • Radiator Software is nowadays a Finnish-Australian company group, which provides RADIUS/Diameter Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) software products and services for mobile telecom, communication/IoT service providers, and enterprise networks, directly or through our resellers and integrators around the world. Radiator Software serves customers in over 180 countries, which include over 50% of the largest 25 mobile network operators, and tens of top 100 enterprises and universities.
  • Radiator Software Oy was originally founded as Arch Red Oy concentrating in secure mobile communication solutions for enterprise customers. Arch Red products include authentication servers, WLAN roaming and authentication solutions as well as expert services supporting them and general utilisation of open source software and advanced network technologies in the customer's business environment.
  • Some previous highlights from Arch Red era:
  • Commercialising eduroam technologies and applying them to create the concept and architecture behind (formerly Wireless Tampere) WiFi community network used heavily in Tampere region cities, Seinäjoki, Hämeenlinna etc.
  • Turning RADIUS-based WLAN roaming research into a production service for Finnish University and Research Network (FUNET). Funet WLAN Roaming is part of European/global WLAN Roaming federation eduroam.
  • Creating a company supported product based on the TUT Public Access Network Wi-Fi network architecture and its Wi-Fi access controller design.
  • Integrating an open source based mobile server (combined mobile router and group server) for the Internet bus (Netti-Nysse), operated by the Tampere City Library.

Researcher / Research Assistant,
Tampere University of Technology,
Institute of Communications Engineering,
(February 2002 - March 2011)

  • The testbed architecture design and various other publications (see Patents and Publications) for ICT SHOK Future Internet
  • TUT Research Network concept design and development in cooperation with TUT IT department and various other departments. TUT Research Network is a network separated from the TUT inner production networks for TUT internal and partner research requiring more flexible research network environment.
  • The design and deployment of the TUT campus wide public access network architecture (both WLAN and cable connections).
  • Integration and partial implementation of the open source based access control system supporting the defined architecture and various access control methods including captive portal and VPN (IPSEC,PPTP) authentication.
  • Finished M.Sc. studies and wrote thesis about The Design and Deployment of the TUT Public Access Architecture.
  • Radius-based WLAN roaming research.
  • Participation in the work of the Terena's Mobility workgroup concerning eduroam WLAN roaming.
  • Lecturing and teaching network design, diagnostics and network security.
  • Founding, encouraging and guiding communications engineering related open source software projects.
  • Recruiting the people and leading small groups in research projects including enterprise cooperation and networking tasks.
  • Acknowledged expert in system, security and network technology issues. Interviews in local newspapers, presentations in the technical conferences for academic organisations.
  • In general finding new research areas and ideas and turning them into research projects by finding people and organisations interested in developing them.

Research & Development Manager (System Architecture),
Wireless Network Services Oy
(February 2001 - February 2002)

  • Participated in the spin-off of the company in the technology (e.g. first technical due & diligence), intellectual property, security, and business model / concept design issues.
  • Continued architecture and system R&D started in the Saunalahti / Jippii Group. The scope of work expanded to be able to support multiple service operators and roaming between them in the future. Additional interest was also focused to the wireless hotspot architecture.
  • Miscellaneous experience in the design, selection, evaluation and implementation of the security (IPSEC, CA/PKI, WEP etc.) and network solutions.

Senior Designer / System Engineer,
Saunalahti Oyj / Jippii Group Oyj,
(September 2000 - February 2001)

  • Designed and implemented an improved version of a customized network element (so called wireless router). Continued research and development concerning this product with a small team.
  • Research and development concerning WLAN networks and suitable network architecture for both hotspot and wireless local loop operators.
  • Participated in the evaluation and testing of several products related to the wireless networks and services. Gained this way valuable insight what are the operator needs and requirements for these kind of products.

Software Engineer / Trainee,
Nokia Corporation,
(May 1998 - September 2000)

  • Worked as a part-time trainee (full-time when possible) in the research & development department concentrating on WLAN and mobile network technologies and services.
  • Participated in the architecture design work and the implementation of the proof of concept and pilot systems.
  • Co-inventor in the patent application concerning Location Dependent Services. Details are below in the Patents section.
  • Familiarized myself with the mobile Internet technologies like TCP/IP, IPv6, QoS, Location Dependent Services and Mobile-IP.
  • Miscellaneous system / network administration work related to UNIX(-like) hosts, test networks and wireless LANs (WLAN).

IT Support Person,
Valmet Automation Projects Ltd.,
(Summers 1996, 1997)

  • General IT support work with Windows '95 / Windows NT hosts, some work with the HP/UX servers.

Patents and Publications

Please note that the location of many of these publications has changed, but many of them are available on my ResearchGate profile page or via Tampere University open publication archive. If you are interested particularly in some of these, feel free to contact me to get a copy.

Future Internet

Community Networking


Location Dependent Services

Radius-based WLAN roaming




All the newest presentations can be found from my Slideshare page at: or from Radiator Software Slideshare page at:



  • Native Finnish, fluent English, good Swedish and basic German.

Network technologies

  • System, services, security and network architecture design.
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge about TCP/IP, routing, WLAN, IPSEC (VPN), IPv6, QoS, Mobile-IP, SLP and firewalls
  • Theoretical knowledge about OSPF, RIP, BGP and ATM

Operating systems:

  • Embedded Linux experience from designing systems on top of OpenWRT and Voyage Linux
  • System administration, development and user experience in the Linux, FreeBSD/OpenBSD and Solaris (x86) systems. Some experience in the same areas also in the Solaris (Sparc), Tru64 Unix and HP/UX systems.
  • Operating system security (encryption, virtualisation, Linux security enhancements)
  • User experience in several Microsoft systems and applications.
  • User experience in PDA systems like Maemo, Palm and Compaq iPAQ.


  • Education experience from Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Communications Engineering and from Tietoverkkoinstituutti.
  • Entrepreneurial experience from Wireless Network Services Oy and Arch Red Oy startups.
  • Negotiation, presentation, sales and marketing experience from functioning as the managing director of Arch Red Oy as well as from projects like TUT Public Access and Funet WLAN Roaming Pilot.
  • International cooperation experience from Arch Red Oy and from working in Terena Mobility taskforce for eduroam.
  • Conference experience from Finland and abroad: presentations, invited speeches.
  • Project experience from leading and participating to several projects.

Software Engineering:

  • Basic software design methods, UML, object-oriented programming etc.
  • Open source software and system evaluation and integration.
  • UNIX shell scripts (active), PHP/Python (used within year), C/C++/Java (basics, not in active use)


  • Available on request.


  • My objective in the work life is to learn new things and combine them with the knowledge and experience I have gathered earlier. This way I can expand my expertise so that I can do even more challenging and interesting new tasks or advance further on my career.

Interests and Activities

Professional interests

  • Cybersecurity (Information Security, Network Security etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cloud infrastructure, services and business
  • Internet and related new technologies and services
  • Technology management
  • Virtual communities, authentication federations
  • Overlay networks
  • System, service and network architectures
  • Open-source software
  • Creative utilisation of existing technologies to solve current and future problems
  • Management and encouragement of creativity and innovation
  • Optimisation of the product creation process

Freetime activities

  • digital photography
  • drawing, graphics
  • movies
  • music (concerts, listening)
  • reading, occasional writing
  • cybersecurity, computers, networks, experimenting with new things and technologies
  • culture (theater, opera, etc.)
  • occasional physical activities (walking, cycling)
  • shooting (pistol, carbines, revolver)

Organisational activities

  • TammerSec: Participating, supporting and sponsoring TammerSec, a local information security group.
  • TOAS Network: the network administrator or the Tuulanhovi I student apartments February 2000 - December 2004.
  • Modeemi ry, a computer entheastics' club at Tampere University of Technology: a member of the board (book correspondent, vice chairperson) and a part-time UNIX system administrator for several years, chairman of the board (2006 - 2007)
  • Tietokonekerho Mikropiiri ry, a computer club at Jämsänkoski: a founding member, a member of the board, a camp teacher and a system administrator for several years. (~ 1995 - 200x)