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I do not consider myself a religious person. At least I don't recognize any religion to be the one that fits into my beliefs. Still I find different mytholody, religion and beliefs quite fascinating and there is of course a chance that some of them is the correct one, but there's always a chance that there isn't any absolutely correct one. My faith is with the latter chance.


I guess my interest in mythology has begun with Greek stories of gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters. After that there has been many mythological things that have interested me, the dragons, celtic mythology, shamanism, Kalevala etc. My interest in mythology is probably also the partial reason to why I like fantasy literature, role playing, the music of Enya and CMX and Mika Waltari's book Sinuhe. All of those use mythology as one of their ingredients.

Below I have once again gathered few links which I have find useful and interesting about these things:

Encyclopedia Mythica
Kalevala (in Finnish)
Regional Folklore and Mythology Religion Selector

Holy books and texts

There are a lot of material about holy books and texts in the World. Some of them has been translated to English and are available from WWW. Here are few I've found.

Digital Librarian: Religion & Philosophy
The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Few English Bible Versions
The Tibetan Book of Dead
Raamattu (in Finnish)