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This is a mere start for security related web pages I intend to start publishing. Currently they offer only some placeholders for the presentations and documents I have made about the network security. I intend however to add more interesting links and information especially about WLAN security in the near future.


About Linux security here's an half hour presentation done by me for Linux kernel seminar course at Tampere University of Technology.

Linux kernel security enhancements
The presentation in OpenOffice (13123 bytes) or in Powerpoint (44032 bytes) format.


Currently this only contains links for the seminar presentation and paper written for TUT's Security Protocols course.

Security problems and solutions in WLAN access zones
The presentation in zipped HTML (182108 bytes), Powerpoint (496640 bytes) or in zipped Powerpoint (210237 bytes) format
The paper in Acrobat (3965391 bytes), zipped Acrobat (177529 bytes), Postscript (3113152 bytes) or in zipped Postscript (204393 bytes) format.