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- Demanding users and environments:
- Nokia Networks has for example stated that their future All-IP network infrastructure will be based on Linux.
- Operators are all ready using Linux to build for example wireless networks (Radionet, Jippii Group) and replace VPN gateways and in general doing multi-purpose gateways

- 24/7:
- imagine upgrading a router or network appliance and something goes wrong, imagine this particular device is middle of nowhere and you're responsible for it
- major changes like upgrading kernel or routing services are not done lightly (or at least should not be done so)

- Linux has problems like other versions of *nix:
- all powerful root account: if you got root, you can do anything, be anyone, go anywhere and leave no traces at all (The NTFS example)
- thus a malicious user/intruder with root access can cause very much damage in very short time
- access control and integrity check for files and processes is just basic test of which user you are, what are the file access rights, there's no logging who has been the last one accessing file.
- often a network appliance based on Linux has shell and a lot of utilities that may be used in a malicious way => control to these must be limited